Do We Snub God Every Day?

Man in field with hands lifted to God In Numbers 28 & 29 we learn about the priestly calendar. It lists all the mo’edim – the appointed times. These are times that God calls man to come meet with Him.

How different would we look if we actually participated in these appointed times? Jesus did. His disciples did. Why don’t we? God invites us to meet with Him at regular times.  And by ignoring these we tell Him, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

To be fair, many of us don’t even know when these appointed times are. So today let’s look at one of these times, and next week we’ll look at another. But be warned, once you know, there’s no going back.

Today let’s look at the daily appointed times. These are morning and afternoon prayers. They correspond with the sacrifices God set up to signify these appointed times. Remember, sin cannot stand in the pretemple with smoke of the sacrificesence of God, so a sacrifice had to be made in order for man to commune with God. What we often forget is that the sacrifice is a protective devise. It protects us so that we don’t immediately drop dead because of our sin when we come into the presence of God. After all, you try to stand before an all holy, all glorious, all righteous God on your own merit and live.


So in Numbers we learn that the unblemished lambs burned continually on the altar. We can’t help but see our Messiah, the Lamb of God, having brought His blood into the Holy of Holies. He stands continually before the Father as payment for our sins, so that as we enter into a time of communion with God, we are not struck dead for those sins. Without having the daily temple sacrifice, we quickly forget the consequences of sin – consequences that Jesus took on Himself for us. He did this so we can come to the Father every morning and afternoon for a sweet time of fellowship, an appointed time with God.

But do we? Do we remember the death of our Master, and meet with God in gratitude for what He provided? Or do we snub our noses at Him?

The disciples took these appointed times seriously. Mark 15 tells us that our Messiah was crucified at the appointed time of the morning sacrifice. And He died at the appointed time of the afternoon sacrifice. How much more significant should these appointed times of prayers be for those of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus?

praying on kneesSo now that you know that God wants to meet with you every morning and every afternoon, and Jesus made a way for you to do that, what will you do about it?



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