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Behold the Lamb!

Did you know that Passover starts with the selection of the lamb? It’s true. The rabbis actually refer to this as a great miracle and it is commemorated on Shabbat HaGadol. What is the great miracle? That God provided the lamb. But what exactly is the Passover lamb? We know that it is a memorial […]

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Do We Snub God Every Day?

In Numbers 28 & 29 we learn about the priestly calendar. It lists all the mo’edim – the appointed times. These are times that God calls man to come meet with Him. How different would we look if we actually participated in these appointed times? Jesus did. His disciples did. Why don’t we? God invites […]

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Was Paul a Gnostic?

The other day I was searching for information about the Millennial Temple. I came across a YouTube video, but got more than what I bargained for. The teacher insisted that Paul was a gnostic. He said that sin cannot live in the presence of God because He is Holy. Since Paul taught that the Holy […]

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Is Everything Now Clean?

We typically hear that God did away with the laws of clean and unclean in Peter’s vision.  But is that true?  Is that really what He did?  Let’s go to Peter’s own explanation to find out. In Acts 11:4 Luke tells us, “Peter began explaining in detail what happened.”  Then in verse 9 Peter says, […]

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