Three Kinds of Cats in the World

I have three cats that I kept praying would all get along.  God basically said, “No.”  Now I understand why – there was a lesson to be learned in how they behave.
photo of cats Milshean and Nick facing off
Two of the cats – Nick and Milshean – are extremely faithful, loving kitties.  But they don’t get along with each other.

Milshean is an old calico who was gone from me for a long time, and Nick is a young orange tabby who enjoyed being my only cat for three years.  Both cats have wonderful personalities.  Both are sweet.  Both want to be near me all the time.  Both want my attention all the time.  I love them both. And they don’t get along.

Then there’s Bruno.  He so desperately wants love and attention but is so afraid all the time.  I put food down, he starts to eat, then bolts at the slightest noise.  I call him to come for petting and he takes off, then turns and comes for a quick pet, then takes off again.

Bruno, Mishean’s son, lived with her all his life.  Now that he and Milshean moved in with me (from my mother’s house), he no longer gets along with her, but is just fine with Nick.  And he sides with Nick when it comes to picking on Milshean.

As I prayed about this mess going on in my home, God revealed an important lesson to me about Jews, believing Gentiles and the people of the world.

Milshean represents the Jews.She was the oldest one, the one who knew me the longest.Nick represents the Gentile believers.  He gladly celebrates being with me, is happy being part of my home, but despises Milshean – who was part of my family first.  Why?  No reason. It’s just that way.  And Bruno – he represents the people of the world, the people who are desperate for a relationship with God, but see how the two who are in fellowship with God fight all the time.  And given that Nick is the younger, stronger one, he chooses to side with Nick in beating up on Mishean.  

And doesn’t history teach that this is exactly what we Gentile believers have done to the Jewish people?  So my prayer to God now is not that the cats would get along, but how he can use me to be an instrument of reconciliation between Jew and Gentile believer, and how together we can witness to the world of God’s great love for us all.


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