Simple Meal or Magnificent Feast

I heard someone refer to the communion as a simple meal.  Instantly I had two reactions. First I thought, “Tell that to all us ladies who spend days preparing the meal”; and second, my heart broke because so many just don’t understand what the cup and ‘cracker’ represent.  

For the last several years I have hosted a Passover Seder. I use the ’30 Minute Seder’, which is not really 30 minutes, but it is a simplified version.  And it is not a Messianic Seder because I want us to experience what Jews around the world are experiencing.  I want us to walk through the Exodus as Jesus did with His disciples.  And while the experience is still fresh, we connect the dots to see Jesus as the Passover Lamb through a brief teaching.
Passover 2013
This past year there were about 60 in attendance.  I just loved watching the light come on in the faces around the room.  It’s great to see that ‘aha’ moment when Jesus’ last supper is connected to the Seder.  Communion then takes on a richer meaning.  We come to experience the exodus from death to life; from slavery to sin to freedom in Christ.

Please don’t get me wrong, you can certainly understand the gift of salvation and have a wonderful relationship with Jesus.  But without grasping the Jewish roots of our faith, we are missing the mind-blowing faithfulness of our God throughout the ages and the indescribable brilliance of His forethought!

I wish all my Gentile brethren would experience a Passover Seder.  That the communion would no longer be a ‘simple meal’ for us, but a magnificent feast as we realize and celebrate the awesome plan of God for redemption from the beginning of time. I  about 60 in attendance.  I60 in attendance. faces.ots and see Jesus as the Passover Lamb though a brief teaching after the

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