Is the Bible More than Black Ink on a White Page?

Have you ever read something that transported you to another place and time?

bible pagesThis morning I was reading Matthew 18 where the disciples asked Yeshua who was the greatest in the Kingdom. Yeshua called a child to Himself and set him in the midst of them. I stopped right there, unable to read on.

I suddenly saw Yeshua, at Peter’s house in Capernaum, calling a child to Himself! I was experiencing the sights and sounds from a child’s perspective, yet at the same time in the here and now.

When I was little, I was often in the mix of adults. My favorite time was when my adult cousins came over to play Pinochle with my parents. I would sit quietly on a tall stool we referred to as ‘the high chair’, basking in the conversation of the adults. I didn’t understand most of what they were talking about, but I felt safe, surrounded by larger people who knew how things worked.

As I read, “Yeshua called a child to Himself” I could see Him motion to me, smell the sweat of the older folks, feel the heat of the overcrowded room, and hear the rumble of His voice. It was all suddenly so real!

Just as quickly as it came, it went. Yet, just as I carry around the memory of sights, sounds, and smells from my childhood, that brief glimpse of Yeshua in the midst of a crowd, calling a child to Himself is so real that it is now a personal memory.

So many times we read the bible and it is nothing more than black ink on a white page. But every now and then, it comes alive and seals itself as a part of us that nothing and no one can remove.

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