Two Tels Don’t Tell All

This morning I didn’t update you on the previous day’s activities because I was caught up in watching the election results. 7 am Israeli time is midnight eastern time, so as many of my readers back home were waiting to go to bed, I was rising and having breakfast.

The hostel where we were staying had an election night party. As an American, I was a bit insulted, but I know they didn’t mean any harm, just saw an opportunity to party.

So what did we spend the last two days doing? Visiting one tel just north of Jerusalem, and another to the south.

On Tuesday, we took a bus to Tel Shilo where the tabernacle stood for over 400 years. The bus let us off in a different spot than the one last year, so I was a bit flumuxed as to where were. When we finally arrived at the tel (Ancient Shilo) it was as though we stepped into a different world.

The first thing we did was to have the lunch that we packed. There was a tour group from a boys school already seated with their lunch. It was a Bar Mizvah tour. What amazed me as I looked at the boys was the vast diversity I saw. There were Asian boys, African boys, Germanic boys and all things in between. The diversity in the family of Jacob amazes me.

Watching everyone in awe of the age of the ruins we saw, as well as basking in the peace of the place, was so satisfying.

Today, we ventured south to Tel Be’er Shebah, were we explored streets and residences, city gates and a governor’s palace from 3.000 years ago. The more we explored, the more in love we became. God surrounded His people with His presence, provision, and protection, yet we still strayed from Him. I think, until the Lord returns, we will all continue to turn away from Him.

In the midst of all this antiquity, I think about our country. We are only a baby in comparison to the ancientness (if there’s such a word) of the Land of Israel. Yet, in this short time we went from a country claiming to be ‘one nation under God’ to a nation of lawlessness. I, for one, am hoping this new president with be able to turn our country around. But in reality, we need a revival.

I usually don’t talk politics on here, but in prayer about the whole election, here’s what I received in my spirit:

If Clinton was elected, then the Lord was allowing it to bring revival, because the church grows spiritually in persecution.

If Trump was elected, then God was staying His hand in our country, giving us the opportunity to grow without persecution.

It’s up to us to help repair the world, to hasten the day of our Messiah’s return. The two tels we recently visited testify to a people not learning to walk in God’s ways and in His holiness. They sit in ruins, no longer an active community, no longer an active people. Is the U.S. doomed to the same fate? Is the church?

What do you say? Shall we work together to help each other grow spiritually while we have God’s merciful restraint?


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  1. Rose Manning November 9, 2016 at 2:18 pm #

    seems you are having a great time…wish I could visit the place.
    How much could it cost per person for a week or two?
    I believe we need to make the most of what time we have to strengthen what remains.
    nice post.

    • Rosemarie Pinto November 9, 2016 at 11:33 pm #

      Hi Rose, welcome.
      We are having a really good time. There have been challenges, but watching the hand of God deal with the challenges makes it even more even more enjoyable.
      We are staying in hostels and doing all the touring on our own, which means a lot of walking (a LOT a lot) and renting a car when needed to go outside Jerusalem. After my trip last year with one friend, it came to about $2400 per person for everything except souvenirs. That was for 2 1/2 weeks. The biggest expense is the flight. You can typically find a round trip for about $900.
      It takes a lot of research and planning, but it is so worth it. I went on a tour with my congregation four years ago, and while it was interesting, it only gave me a hunger to truly experience the land. These trips I take allow for soaking in the Spirit.
      Hope that helps.

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