Heading to the Ruins of Masada

We are heading up to Masada today. As I’ve shared a room with 5 to 6 women, I am thinking about how those brave people, who looked to escape the Roman wrath, must have lived.

The top of the mountain is huge, but 960 people were there. They had to have lived crowded into the same quarters, even with a few palaces on the site. If you’ve seen any of my photos or videos on Facebook, then you know that the rooms in these ancient homes were very small.

I also can’t help but think about their desperation to fight against the inevitable.

As a young girl, I thought about the end of the world. Without any knowledge of Masada, I tried to think about the steps needed to survive the destruction that I knew, from reading the book of Revelation, was coming. I had all sorts of plans and contingencies in my mind.

Then as a grown woman with children, I faced the year 2000. It was the year we were told that would be a disaster, that the computers would go haywire because they weren’t programed to deal with the year ’00’. People were buying food and supplies to be able to survive the times that we were about to face. As you know, nothing happened.

Recently a friend told me I should prepare for a bank disaster. Without going into all the detail, the banks were likely going to fold at the end of September. Well, October rolled around and we are still here, and I can still access the funds in my bank account.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe we are facing the end of the world as we know it – at some point. But it is going to be the beginning of a new, better world with Yeshua as King over all the earth.

Because I live in south Florida, we face potential destruction six months of the year. June through November is hurricane season. Having survived hurricane Andrew, I know first hand how bad the devastation can be. But if that hurricane taught me anything, it is that God is in control – through every disaster.

But what we forget is that He is also in control in every good time as well. As I wrote yesterday, I believe we – followers of Yeshua – are being given some time to   share the Good News. The Kingdom of Heaven (God) is at hand, and it’s time to repent.

It’s time to turn from our own desires, our own plans and contingencies, our own evil ways, and turn toward the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. To live as they did – trusting God at every turn. Being human, with all our faults, but striving to look more like Yeshua with each day.

It’s time to be the light He called us to be: to love one another; to take care of the widow, the orphan, and the stranger; to heal the sick and raise the dead. How much more ‘dead’ can a person be than one who is without hope in God and the salvation He offers?

Yes, a disaster is coming. We have been given the plan and contingencies to survive it. Part of that plan is to help others survive. So while we have the opportunity, let’s start walking in that plan, not loving life more than the lives of the lost.

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