There’s a Ten-Year-Old Inside Each One of Us

Our group took a much needed rest. We were in Jaffa and just spent a couple of hours eating a meal and enjoying the ocean sounds and the atmosphere of Old Jaffa. Unfortunately, that meant we had little time for anything else – like exploring the ruins of Caesarea. Exploring ruins is one of my favorite things to do. But then, this trip is very different from my last one.

To be honest, not being able to explore made me grumpy. By the time we arrived in Caesarea, we had 30 minutes until closing, and I was really disappointed. I wanted to pick up where I left off last year, and see more of the place that no tour groups get to see.

Did I mention that I was grumpy? Really grumpy?

Like a ten-year-old tom boy, made to behave herself and act like a lady, I held onto the notion that I would get to run free and satisfy my curiousity of treasure hunting – with the treasure being discovery itself. I love imagining what went on within the walls of the ancient rooms, wondering what the people were like, what their struggles were, what brought joy to their hearts.

But it was not meant to be…and I was grumpy.

As with any ten year old, I sulked and let my grumpiness take over. Every little thing then started bothering me, and I felt like I just wanted to take my toys and go home.

But God.

While the group was running through trying to see some of Caesarea, God reminded me it was time to get away with Him. So I walked    down toward the water and there realized this was a learning trip for me. Not in the sense of learning the Land, but learning how to put together another one of these tours. What to do, and what not to do.

God reminded me that there is a call on my life – to serve Him. In order to do that, there is a training period.

Like any ten-year-old who would rather run and play than sit in school and learn, I resisted this idea. And still felt grumpy.

When our group arrived at the Tamer Guest House, I ended up in a room with two of the ladies. There was a separate bedroom, and I knew God was telling me to ‘go to my room’. I still needed to get away and get over what I thought this trip should be for me, and just be His vessel to bless others.

Still, in my heart, I would like to explore His Land, but I understand that Father knows best, and He has a perfect plan.

So the ten-year-old will have to wait a little longer (maybe even another visit), be polite and behave herself, because Daddy has something better laying ahead.


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