Urgent Times

David WilkersonThis morning I read an article about David Wilkerson’s prophecy of the end times. The urgency presented in the article lines up with the urgency I have in my spirit about the time in which we are living.

I know, you’re thinking that Yeshua’s followers have been preaching about the end since he left. Every generation expects him to come in their day. That is how it should be. We should be like the five wise virgins who took extra oil for their lamps and were ready to meet the bridegroom when he came.

So yes, every generation is expecting. Yet, when we look at our Jewish brethren, they are also expecting Messiah. Maybe that’s happened in every generation for them as well.

One line in the article jumped off the screen, “This Remnant is going to keep the commandments of God.” Isn’t that what is happening in modern times? Aren’t we here because we want to know the Jesus in all his Jewishness?

I will leave you with a simple thought. When we compare the world’s history to the creation week, we see 7000 years. 2000 years without Torah, 2000 years with Torah, 2000 years of Messiah, 1000 years of Shabbat.

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