Repair, Rebuild, Restore

bricks placed on wallDid you ever have the Word of God jump off the page, land on your face and refuse to let go? That’s what happened to me over six years ago.

I was reading through Isaiah 61 when all of a sudden verse 4 flew off the page, grabbed my face, and refused to let go. I suddenly knew I had a mission – Repair, Rebuild, Restore. What that meant exactly, I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that it was God’s call on my life.

Now just because God slaps verses on your face, doesn’t mean you move immediately into the call they have on your life. Rather, you begin to see everything through the lens of this call.

All this takes time. We have to let God have His way with us. We have to allow Him to fine tune the call or risk heading down a path He never intended us to take.

So for six years everything I’ve seen in the Word and in life has been viewed through the lens of ‘repair, rebuild, restore’. First as I look into the mirror of the Word at myself, next when I look at others – especially those in the body – because this too, is part of my call: to make disciples. Not converts but disciples.

Over the years the call to repair, rebuild, and restore took on a clearer definition. As it says in Isaiah, “repair the ruined cities, the desolation of many generations.”

What did this come to mean to me?

The ‘desolation of many generations’ is the rift that occurred two thousand years ago when Christianity walked away from the faith of our Jewish Messiah. Somehow, God was calling me to repair this ruin. But first it had to start with me learning about Yeshua’s faith. I had to learn that he did not come to destroy the Torah but to show us how to live it out.

So this morning, as I was preparing for tonight’s Torah study, reflecting on last night’s Connections meeting, and thinking about what I had to do for the coming week; the Lord reminded me to focus on my call – “Repair, rebuild, and restore God’s people to a right relationship with Him and each other.”

How will that play out in the coming months? I don’t know. But this I do know – God is in control and the call is His.


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