One of the Tribe?

This past week I conducted the most unusual interview ever.  I am a district supervisor with a merchandising company, and a very nice lady – who I’ll call Jay – applied for a position.  One thing we have to do at these interviews is see the applicant’s ID.  Well, it was her ID that caused this interview to go from a work related task to a God ordained appointment.

Jay pulled out her passport, and as I was noting the number, I mentioned that I had to get mine, as I was traveling to Israel in November.  Jay’s eyes lit up as she leaned in conspiratorially and asked, “So, you’re one of the tribe?”

Her face fell a little when I admitted I wasn’t, but that as a follower of Jesus I am in love with His chosen people.  At this, she perked up and started gushing about her own trip to Israel in 1971.  

Jay shared with me loads of advice of what I should and should not do while in the Land and what I must be sure to see.  I was amazed at the depth of emotions a trip, taken 40 years ago, evoked!
I told her that I would be at the Western Wall on Hanukkah.  The conversation (which left the realm of interview from the start) then turned toward the Feasts of the Lord and the Tanakh.  Jay was pleasantly surprised to hear that I not only knew of the feasts, but celebrated them as well.

At this point, she looked me straight in the eye, with a twinkle in her own, and said, “You are one of the chosen.”

Now, I know that I am chosen in Jesus, but something about hearing a pre-believing Jew make this declaration out of the blue made my heart leap!

As this very unusual interview drew to a close, Jay exclaimed, “I am more excited about you going to Israel than I am about getting this job!”  

In my heart, I knew that this had been a divine appointment.  I had been blessed, and I’d done exactly what God wanted me to do – help His precious daughter know that the time of her Messiah is near: the nations are streaming to the Lord and His Torah; that soon and very soon all Israel will be saved.

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