Now I Get It!

head slapThe word of God is amazing! I know you’re thinking, “Duh!”, but a fresh revelation of God’s amazing word is necessary in our life to keep us from growing cold. This week I had just such a revelation.

Over the last month I asked my fellow travelers (on this journey to Messiah) to complete a few studies that will be going into a devotional bible study. The responses blew me away! Why? Because in some cases, the lessons learned were so different than the one God taught me.

For those who aren’t subscribed to my newsletter, let me explain.

Years ago, in a land far removed from the blog-o-sphere, I facilitated a fairly large singles group. Once or twice a week I would share – via email – lessons the Lord taught me, much like I do here. People were forwarding the lessons to their friends, so there were a good number of people receiving these devotions.

One morning the Lord told me to stop it. I was floored! I thought I was doing a good thing. But my Abba insisted that I stop. He told me to stop feeding His sheep and start teaching them to feed themselves. That’s when I  started several study groups.

For one of these, I wrote my devotionals in the form of a study, with questions leading people to the lesson I learned. Because I was there, facilitating the group, they always arrived with the knowledge I wanted to impart.

However, now with Ro out of the picture, they are discovering entirely different lessons. That’s what blows me away! Same verses, same leading questions, but the Holy Spirit teaches them the lesson they need to learn.

God is so smart, isn’t He?


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