In the Beginning

I’ve been wrestling with God over starting this blog, because quite frankly, I didn’t know where to start.  To go all the way back to when I became a Christian at the age of 13 in a charismatic prayer meeting at a Catholic Church seemed kind of silly.  To include my whole crazy on again, off again walk with the Lord over the span of 40 years seemed boring and oftentimes embarrassing.  To include the visit of Jews for Jesus while at an Episcopal Church or the first Passover I hosted with the youth at that church and all the ensuing years, seemed too much to hash over.  

So instead, I will simply pick up where I am now, filling in background along the way.  Most of what I will share are lessons I am learning – questions I’ve asked the Father and the answers he’s given; Jewish insights to the Old Testament and the Jewishness of Jesus the Messiah that I am picking up along the way, and how it all adds up to a better understanding of what the Messiah has to say.  I will also share some of what I am reading and recommend some resources for your own search.

I hope that you too, will come to see Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, in a new light…the light of who he really is, and the faithfulness he has to the children of Israel and all his promises – which include blessings for us – the nations.
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