Going to a Miknic

mikvah - ritual bath - at MasadaA miknic?  What on earth is a miknic?  Well, if you attend Temple Aron haKodesh, you know that a miknic is our family’s way of saying we are going to a beach picnic that will include immersion in the ocean.

In Hebrew, the word for the place to have that immersion is known as a mikvah, ergo ‘miknic’.  (I like it!)

For Christians, we would call this the baptismal font.  And we might be quite surprised to learn that it is not something that is a one time deal.  Rather, there are several reasons to be immersed.

I encourage you to read this article at aish.com Mikvah Misconceptions and see the beauty of immersing in a mikvah.  And gentlemen, just in case you thought this was for women only, here’s another perspective.

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