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Strange Dream or Vital Lesson?

Early this morning I had a strange dream. I know it was early this morning and not last night because I usually wake up around five in the morning. This morning was no different, but rather than getting out of bed, I rolled over and went back to sleep. As with most strange dreams, the […]

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How to Enter God’s Rest

Living in south Florida (where we spend 6 months of the year watching the weather) we have to be in a constant state of preparedness. There are certain items we buy leading up to the month of June that stay in a special place in our homes. We need several days worth of water, food, […]

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Rejoicing in Sukkot – Sabbath Joy

Who would have thought the joy of Sabbath could get any better?  But under a sukkah, with good friends, the joy is multiplied! Angelina and I were joined on Friday night by the Seiger family.  As previously mentioned, I asked guests to bring a decoration for the sukkah, because they are not guests but family.  […]

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Would We Look Different?

Last week I posed the question, “How different would we look if we actually participated in the appointed times?” I never did answer that question. So today I want to address that. First, let’s review what the appointed times are and why they exist. The appointed times are set times in the day, week, month […]

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Eve in the Seder

The Passover Seder begins with the lighting of candles by the woman of the house. So how does this make Eve part of the Seder? When we look at God’s definition of when a day starts, when the Seder takes place and on what kind of day, we understand the importance of Eve’s role in […]

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Keeping the Sabbath God’s Way

I hear a lot of talk about taking a Sabbath rest and how important it is to rest one day a week.  While it is true that we must rest, there is a lot more to keeping the Sabbath than what we Gentiles understand.  Jesus did say in Mark 2:27, ‘man was not made for […]

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