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Is Yeshua Messiah or Not?

Did you ever have something leap off the page, land on your face, toss you back and forth, screaming, “PAY ATTENTION!”? This week I was casually searching the internet for the surname, Bocchimuzzo. (I occasionally dabble in family history.) As I was scanning a document from a Catholic church looking for this surname, words–having nothing […]

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Why Do Jewish People Reject Jesus?

Have you ever wondered why Jewish people reject Jesus? Seriously, have you stopped to truly examine the situation? Would you be surprised to learn that it’s our fault? (And by ‘our’ I mean Gentile Believers.) Well it is. You see, Jewish people who reject Jesus as Messiah and say He is a false prophet are […]

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Eve in the Seder

The Passover Seder begins with the lighting of candles by the woman of the house. So how does this make Eve part of the Seder? When we look at God’s definition of when a day starts, when the Seder takes place and on what kind of day, we understand the importance of Eve’s role in […]

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Yogurt for Christians

Walking with the Lord without knowledge of Jewish understanding is like eating yogurt with fruit on the bottom and never mixing it up. The unflavored yogurt on top is good for you, but we sometimes have a hard time eating it without wondering what anyone sees in it. Over time we develop a taste for […]

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