Let the Holidays Begin!

As you know, our temple family is encouraged to celebrate Shabbat in our homes for four weeks. I am loving it! The first of our celebrations happened this past Shabbat in my home, where 16 of us gathered to feast on a night of Italian cuisine. What else would you expect from a little Sicilian Nonna?

Today we are gathering for a lunch to celebrate the beginning of the New Year 5777. With 15 guests expected, I am going to let pictures speak for us today.

Lighting the Sabbath candles

Lighting the candles to remember and observe.


praying for the family

Praying for the family


Welcoming the Sabbath together

Welcoming the Sabbath together


TAK Mishpocha welcomes the Sabbath

The Mishpocha from TAK welcomes the Sabbath together


I also tried my hand for the first time at Facebook live. So excited to find this. I’ll be posting lots of live sessions while we are in Israel. (Can you believe we leave in 4 1/2 weeks?!)



Posted by Rosemarie Pinto on Friday, September 30, 2016

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