The Day the Moon Fell

new moon surrounded by ring of light

This past Friday was Rosh Chodesh. Our temple family gathered to give thanks to the Lord for the new month. The celebration was far larger than any our Connections group has had thus far, and I was glad to be a part of it. However, that is not what this post is about. This post is about a dream I had early morning Saturday that I just cannot shake. It is a dream that I thought about sharing, but wasn’t sure I should. Then on Sunday night, the last night of Chanukah, the Lord confirmed it was from Him and that I needed to share it, because it is a warning.

Our Connections group was having a retreat. We were in a room that reminded me of a hostel. There were four sets of bunk beds, each with a trundle underneath. There were also a lot of dressers in the room, including a couple in the middle of the room, acting like a partition of sorts. I was on a top bunk, against a window instead of a wall. I must have dozed, because I woke up and glanced out the window to see a huge new moon – I am talking massively huge. It was Rosh Chodesh and as I glanced, the slightest of slivers appeared on the bottom. 

There was some activity in the room. People were waking up. A woman with short salt and pepper hair, who I didn’t know, was sleeping on the floor, with her head against one of the beds. I asked her why she didn’t sleep on a bed, and she pointed to a bed without a mattress. Yet I noticed that we had two bunk bed trundles with mattresses that weren’t in use. 

Before I could point that out, I glanced out the window again. The sliver was growing, but not as the phase of the moon, but as a ring around the moon. Small flares of color started coming out from the ring. I thought it was pretty, but strange.

The window was open, and I could hear people talking in the street below. I could also hear what seemed to be a radio in the background, reporting on this strange phenomenon. In our room, we continued chatting.

It seemed like there was a man with me, aware of what was happening, but at the same time, he wasn’t there because this was a room for the ladies. 

moon on fireVery quickly, the circle started getting stronger around this huge, dark moon with more flares of color coming out of it. Then suddenly, the moon blazed with fire and for an instant I was confused – was this the moon or the sun?

Before I had time to call out to anyone, the moon fell from the sky! I could see the fiery path it left behind as it plunged down the horizon. I gasped! I could hear pandemonium coming from the street as I looked back into the room, which grew blurry.

“This is it,” I said. “Everything’s changed.” Then I woke up.

Sunday night, as our evening was winding down, one of the ladies in the group wanted to share a testimony of her weekend. I mentioned that I had a dream I wanted to share, and one of the guys said he had something he wanted to share as well.

After I shared my dream, he shared his. 

He was with our Connections group. We were in a cabin of sorts, with a downstairs (or basement). There was a loud blast, he opened the door and was hit with heat. (It was an explosion.) Connections hurried downstairs to the basement where we were safe.

He shared how his dream was not only connected to the one I had, but to another believer’s dream. He did not share the details, only that it was connected to his dream and she had a date of February 23rd. Someone in the group looked up February 23, 2016 and it is Purim – the day Haman tried to wipe out the Israelites.

From all this, I keep getting the message that things are about to change drastically. The change will come instantly, and there will be no going back. However, as I mentioned to a friend on Facebook, God’s ‘about to happen’ is different from ours. February 23rd could be this coming year or it could be years from now. The timing is all in God’s hands.

As I am writing this, I just remembered that my granddaughter also had a dream that relates to all this – not just personally for her, but for us as well. 

Monday morning, on our way to school, I asked her to text her dad. But she was insistent that she share her dream with me before doing anything else.

My granddaughter is in her first year of middle school, and in her dream she had just started 7th grade (which would be her second year.) She had to choose her classes, but kept putting it off. She put it off so much that she only ended up choosing three classes at the last minute, and realized that she wasn’t wearing her shoes. 

I knew instantly that the Lord was talking to her about being prepared and being focused on the right things. My granddaughter is a wonderful young lady, but often needs a lot of reminding and prodding to get ready for school (or an outing) and to focus on the important things. So the Lord was speaking to her both physically and spiritually. I believe He is also speaking this message to us.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she had this dream on the heel of the three that were given this weekend. What about you? Has the Lord been speaking to you about preparedness? About unexpected, instantaneous changes? 

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