Passover Celebration

This weekend was Pesach Sheni – Second Passover. It is the day God set aside for those who could not participate in the Passover celebration on the 14th of Nissan. I just love how our Father is the God of second chances.

With as busy as life has been lately, I needed a second chance to post the photos from our Passover celebration. So though they are a month late, here are the highlights of our evening spent celebrating our freedom from slavery.

Of course, what would a celebration be without food? And on Passover there is PLENTY of food! I make sure to warn everyone that we not only have symbolic food, but a multi-course meal afterward!

Charoset                  Shank bones

Matzo balls      Honey cake

I am so grateful to Vivian, Claudia, Carol, and Laura for all their help in preparing several of the dishes.

Preparation is key to any good celebration. So in addition to preparing the food, the room should reflect the beauty of the festival. But it is certainly not a one woman job!

Thanks to Paulette, Angelina, and Charlie, the ordinary clubhouse was transformed into a gorgeous festival room! Charlie added that special touch by lending his artistic flair by taking ordinary napkins and turning them into a work of art – not once but 60 times!

Paulette helping set the tables                   Charlie & Angelina at work

Table setting

As the sun began its descent toward the horizon, our guests arrived and settled into their seats. The celebration was about to begin.


Family and friends  Family and Friends

Family and Friends  Family and Friends

Family and Friends

What Passover celebration would be complete without Rob, Jim (and this year Paul) leading us in worship?

Rob, Jim and Paul leading worship

With the guests all settled and our hearts turned to Heaven, Angelina and Christina asked the four questions that sparked our response in telling the story of God’s deliverance from Egypt.

Angelina & Christina singing the Four Questions

The night was filled with joy and celebration. There was eating and drinking, laughing, singing and dancing. Even my little grandson joined the dancers.  Unfortunately, no one caught it on camera.

Laura and Henry

           Charlie, Mindie and Anakin



  Praising the Lord in the dance

             Praising the Lord in the dance

Passover is all about passing the story of redemption to the next generation. The whole evening is geared toward helping the children remember that God is their Redeemer. So just as the children started the evening with the four questions, it was only appropriate that they should end it with giving thanks in the Grace After the Meal.

Children praying Grace After the Meal

And as the evening came to a close, the entire family of God pitched in (as they had all evening long) to help clean up and restore the room to a clubhouse.

Nonna Ro and grandson AnakinBut the memories of the evening and the knowledge of our redemption lives on in our descendants. Chag Samaech!

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