Jew or Gentile?

Won top of Mount of Oliveshenever you get a group of people together, there is naturally going to be differences of opinion. Each one of us has our own perpective, understanding God’s Word from our own paradigm. Our group is  no different.

A discussion ensued when I referred to myself as a Gentile. The issue was a difference in understanding of the word. One opinion is that the term ‘Gentile’ is a derogatory term meaning pagan. Yet when I look up the word it simply means ‘a person who is not Jewish’. Going to it’s origin, I find it comes from the Latin word ‘gignere’ (meaning ‘beget’) and developing to ‘family, race’ then of a family or nation, of the   same clan’. The same is true of the word ‘goy’ or ‘goyim’. It simply means ‘nation’ or ‘nations’.

It didn’t come into high use until mid 1900s. The same people who don’t give credence to many  of the Jewish opinions, stand in agreement with them giving a negative connotation to the word. Why do I bring this up as I walk the Land? Because after having this discussion,   we watched a movie describing the Temple. In it, there was a limit to where the Gentiles could go, a limit to where the women  could go, and a limit to where the Israelites could go, and a limit to where anyone but the high priest could go.

Now, I agree that Yeshua tore down the wall of separation. But with all the transgender and homosexual issues we are facing today, I must ask, does that now make me a man? Silly question I know, but in my mind it is the same thing. Just as His tearing down the wall did not change my gender, neither did it change  my nationality. I am still a Sicilian woman. It is still the blood of Japheth that runs through my veins.

Yet at the same time, I feel very much at home in the Land. I feel very much a part of this place. As I ascended the steps to the Hulda Gates, I felt in awe of God’s majesty. As I stood leaning my head in prayer against the walled-up gate, I felt a deep longing and desire to enter into court of my God and King.

Wandering through the destruction of the Temple, the stones thrown down by the Romans, my heart broke. As I gaze upon my favorite place – Robinson’s Arch – I long to see  the Temple rebuilt, I long for the return of splendor to this place. I long for the world to be made right again.

As I was leaving Jerusalem  Archeological Park, I saw that a large  group of people were gathering on the teaching steps (leading to the Hulda Gates). Exiting further I saw an enterage approaching, with a man in the center that everyone seemed to fawn over. As they passed, I realized it was Benny Hinn. Spiritually, I felt as though I was transported back in time, the time of the Temple, when people would fawn over King Herod, or Pilate, or any other man. And I realized we still have a long way to go, when it comes to personally recognizing God as       King  – in our lives and in the world.

As for me and my Italian house, we will serve the Lord in the capacity He choses, taking our place in His Kingdom, as His adopted child, grateful to be a part of His family.



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  1. James November 7, 2016 at 10:32 am #

    I assume you’ve seen my latest blog post which addresses this issue.

    • Rosemarie Pinto November 9, 2016 at 11:37 pm #

      Actually I have not seen it yet, James. Been in the Land since the second, with lots of overseeing of our group. 10 people is a lot more than planning and organizing than for 2, so prayers are appreciated.
      I am heading there now to look at it…sitting in a hostel at the foot of Masada. James, you’ve got to take the trip. You, of all people, will develop and even deeper love and appreciation for the Jewish people and God’s hand in their lives and lineage.

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