In the Every Day Things

Today was another amazing day. As I’ve said before, just when we think it can’t get any better, it does. Sometimes in powerful ways, sometimes in the every day things.

We rose early to catch Daniel Carmel’s worship boat. Daniel’s is the only boat run by a believer. He came to faith in Yeshua 17 years ago. I called Daniel on Tuesday to set up a time for us to join a group on his boat. The boats usually leave at 8am. I had the feeling that we should get there early. By 7:25 we were at the dock and Daniel and his crew were on the boat. Maria returned to the room to get something. No sooner did she disappear from sight, the group showed up and boarded. One of the crew members was locking the gate, so I scampered on board. Still no sign of Maria.

The group on board was Brazilian. Maria would have fit right in. Toward the end of the journey, I finally had the opportunity to speak with Daniel, only to find out that they were not headed to Ginosar, as he thought when I first booked the time. But good news, in fact for me – great news! Daniel said he would be returning to Tiberias and he would take me back. So I got to travel twice on the sea, worshipping God.

The second group to board Daniel’s boat were from California. They were very warm and welcoming. At the end, when Daniel played ‘Days of Elijah’, I wanted to dance. One of the gals was up on her feet doing what we used to refer to as the holy ghost hop, so I popped up and started leading her in the dance. Several other ladies joined in and we had a blast in the Lord!

I found Maria in the room. She had gone for a swim and had a good time of her own. We packed and headed out the door. When we arrived at our car, we were blocked in…sort of. I measured the distance between cars, and with my little put-put rental car, I might be able to get us out of there. But it would be tough. So we prayed. And within seconds a guy showed up and called the owner of one of the cars (the one making it impossible to get out) and before we knew it, we were out on the road to Korazim. But before we left, we thanked the Lord for helping us in the every day things.

Throughout this trip, God has continuously helped us with big things and little things. Whatever effects us, he has been there sending people in our path to assist when needed.

We arrived in Korazim and had the place all to ourselves for quite a while. The building there are made of basalt rock, which is black. The town was very large, though not all of it is excavated. I was here two years ago, but did not have the time to explore as much as I wanted to. This time, I checked out every building and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. In the homes there were series of arches and in one building was an olive press. There was even a mikvah with water still in it. Obviously not kosher, because the water was stagnant.

Our next stop was Caperneum. We didn’t spend much time looking at the buildings, thought the synagogue is beautiful and the houses here are also made of black basalt. The synagogue where Yeshua taught is under the current one. You can see the foundation of his synagogue (made of black basalt) under the foundation of the current one.

We spent the bulk of our time here near the sea. I climbed down the rocks, and sat with my feet in the water. While I was there I was talking to the Lord. I wondered how a body of water seemingly this small, could have a storm so fierce that it scared the tough fishermen. I also asked about getting closer to him, and things along those lines. Suddenly I saw him. He was in the water, laughing and splashing. He looked at me as if to say, it’s in the everyday things – that’s how you worship me, that’s how you get close to me.

I knew I received what I came

for, so I headed to a bench under a tree, still by the water. I laid down and took a nap.

We then headed to the Yardenit (Baptismal site). Maria went in for immersion, I chose not to. The place is full of fish. Fish and I don’t get along. But I went into the shop and got exactly what I came for – date syrup and orange date honey! Yum! It is made by the people of the kibbutz and it is scrumptious. I love it on Shabbat with my home-made challah.

We thought about going to the Mount of Beatitudes, but were both wiped out and we still had an event in Beit She’an – Beit She’an Nights. We checked into our hostel – which is really nice – and grabbed a bit to eat. The show was spectacular, though all in Hebrew. Seems our names were not on the list (which would have provided an English tour). Few people frequent this site. And of all the archeological sites we visited, this one is the largest, and most well preserved. We only walked with the tour, but there is so much more to explore during this day. This is definitely on my list for next time.

Right now I am waiting for my granddaughter to get out of school so we can talk on the phone. That’s another one of those every day things that we so often take for granted, but should stop and thank God for the ability to talk to each other when we are so far away.

If there is one thing I’ve learned on this trip, it’s that God is in the details.


Tomorrow we return to Jerusalem to celebrate Shabbat.

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