We Should Heed God’s Warning

So this morning, before I headed out for the day, I promised I would finish my impressions, and here I am. It’s nearly 11pm here in Jerusalem, that means it’s nearly 4pm in Ft Lauderdale.

Yesterday, we were in the Israel Museum, and would have stayed more than the 5 or 6 hours we were there, but they were closing.

The museum has several different mini museums within its walls. We planned to visit two of them, but didn’t make it through the entire one we were in – archeology. There were displays about the start of the world. Much of it I didn’t agree with – you know – the evolution thing? But once we were past that we came to the start of civilization. The first thing that struck me was the standing stones. The bible mentions them several times, but we got to actually see them!

We also saw how Abraham’s father probably made the household gods. They were casted in a mold! My son does this kind of stuff. No, not gods, but different figures and game pieces, though he has graduated to 3D printers. But I digress. We saw the figurines of the baal, and several false gods mentioned in the bible. It was mindblowing!

But here’s what really blew me away. It had the same affect on Maria. We saw a bronze statuette of a bull, a Canaanite god. What came to mind immediately was the golden calf. And sure enough, the plaque referred to the golden calf at the Exodus, as well as the golden calves placed by King Jeroboam I in Bethel and Dan.

All this attested to God’s word being true. He warned the Israelites that they must not adopt the ways of the Canaanites, because it would be their destruction. They were called to be a people set apart, to be a light to the nations. They did what we, unfortunately, are just as guilty of – letting the nations influence us rather than being an influence on the nations.

This is a lesson I am taking to heart. And I pray you will too.

Today was another incredibly wonderful day. I hope I have enough time to share it with you in the morning. This trip just keeps getting better and better.

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