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What If?

I am finally pursuing the novel that is dancing in my head, waiting patiently to be let out. Rather it’s more like the kid doing the pee-pee dance, praying for that locked bathroom door to open! Two words – what if – are keys to a writer’s imagination. Those two little words start a whole […]

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What Does Baking Bread Have To Do With The Kingdom of Heaven?

When God wants my attention, when He wants to teach me something, He pulls together random situations, conversations, and my own wandering thoughts. Recently, fellow blogger James Pyles posted about a radio sermon he heard. He is having an issue with Christianese (as many of us do once we come to the full revelation that […]

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There’s a Storm Coming

  I’m writing this on Labor Day, but it won’t post until Thursday. So as I write this, there is a hurricane brewing in the Atlantic with its sites set on us in south Florida. Though it’s too soon to tell, by the time this is posted, we could be a lot closer to landfall […]

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The Sabbath Was Made For Man

Did you ever take a look at how many times the word ‘Sabbath’ is used in the Bible? Over 150 times. Compare that with the tithe (which is mentioned just over 50 times) and I’ve got to wonder which is more difficult for us to follow? Give ten percent of your funds to the work […]

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