Archive | July, 2015

Is The Torah Still Relevant?

My heart is breaking. Recently I was involved in conversations in the blogosphere regarding Torah and its relevance to Gentiles. Many said it has little to no bearing on us. Several times I shared this with my rabbi at Torah study and was shored in my belief that yes, there is one Torah for all […]

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Treasures in the Heart

Did you ever spend time with a loved one and before it’s time to depart, you just can’t help but talking about all you’d done together? I have. When my oldest grandson was a toddler I used to ‘kidnap’ him on the weekends. We’d do all sorts of little things together. The simple things in […]

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Repair, Rebuild, Restore

Did you ever have the Word of God jump off the page, land on your face and refuse to let go? That’s what happened to me over six years ago. I was reading through Isaiah 61 when all of a sudden verse 4 flew off the page, grabbed my face, and refused to let go. […]

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