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Accidentally On Purpose

I once read Frank Peretti’s book ‘Piercing the Darkness’. In it he had God’s angels cause a believer to be in a traffic accident.  I remember thinking, “God wouldn’t do that, would He?” A few weeks ago I was on my way to Temple Aron HaKodesh.  I take the same route every week.  But this […]

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Torah Scroll

God Explains the Purpose of Torah

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, you likely heard that the purpose of the law was to show us how sinful we are. Once this realization sets in, we accept Christ as Savior and are good to go.  But what does God say the purpose of His law is? Deut 4:6-7 […]

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Simple Meal or Magnificent Feast

I heard someone refer to the communion as a simple meal.  Instantly I had two reactions. First I thought, “Tell that to all us ladies who spend days preparing the meal”; and second, my heart broke because so many just don’t understand what the cup and ‘cracker’ represent.   For the last several years I have […]

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Breaking the Rules

When you see a child pulling a tantrum in a store, is your first thought, “Oh his parents did such a great job” or do you think, “Somebody ought to teach that kid a lesson”? When children break the rules, they bring dishonor to their parents.  In fact, when any of us break the rules, […]

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traffic signs

Rules of the Road

Do you follow the all rules of the road when driving?  If so, do you follow them all the time? or only when a police officer is around? Can I be honest?  I don’t.  I know I should, but as the ride progresses, my speed increases; when there is no one on the road I […]

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judges gavel

Rules of Order

Did you ever stop to think about why God gave the Torah to the Israelites? Or contemplate when He gave it?  I don’t mean when, as to a date, but in what circumstances? I’ve often heard it said, “The law was given so we can know how sinful we are.” Thinking about the ‘when’ of […]

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House Rules sign

House Rules

How many rules were in your house growing up?  Ever stopped to think about it?  I never did until someone started talking about all the ‘rules’ in the Old Testament. Here’s quick list I put together in 30 seconds: Make your bed Keep your room clean Brush your teeth after meals Share Don’t talk to […]

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Don’t Open That Door!

Sometimes, when reading the word of God, I feel like I’m watching a horror movie.  You know, the kind where you see one of the characters about to go into the room hiding the psychotic killer?  You scream at the screen, “Don’t open that door!” But it’s no good. She opens the door and meets […]

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