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Why Talk About Midwives?

This week I was wondering why the book of Exodus opens with a discussion of midwives. Since God never does or says anything by accident, it must have significance. During a Torah discussion, my rabbi pointed out that Israel was in the womb during her time in Egypt. The harsh treatment was birth pains saying, […]

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The Father’s Choice – Are We Presumptuous?

Last weekend, on the drive to Jacksonville to see my son and his family, I listened to FFOZ’s teaching on the Torah portion ‘Korah’. (I’m a little behind.) In it, D. Thomas Lancaster spoke about how Korah and his cohorts rebelled against God by rebelling against His chosen. They rejected Moses and Aaron, presuming that […]

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Landing in the Land

This long awaited trip feels like it has yet to start.  We are in Tel Aviv and it reminds me of Hollywood Beach, Florida. Yet, there are many telling differences. The hotel we are staying at is kosher.  The elevators move up and down on their own.  And at one of the entrances to the […]

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Go Up to Zion

Anyone who’s worked with me in ministry knows that I don’t like asking for help.  That’s right; I am that stubborn, Italian, ‘I can do it all’ kind of person.  And God loves me too much to leave me that way!  Back in April, I attended Temple Aron HaKodesh’s School of Prayer.  There I learned […]

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