Strange Dream or Vital Lesson?

Early this morning I had a strange dream. I know it was early this morning and not last night because I usually wake up around five in the morning. This morning was no different, but rather than getting out of bed, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

As with most strange dreams, the details are starting to fade, but I do know that my family and I were going on a trip. My kids were still young though my grandchildren were also there. Like I said… strange.

We weren’t ready for the trip. Everyone was still in pajamas, nothing was packed, and the hour of departure was fast approaching.

My cousin’s family was at the door. He decided to meet us at our house rather than the station. (I am guessing we were traveling by train.) This cousin and his family are also Torah observant though our understanding runs along two different paths.

So here we were on Friday late afternoon and I suddenly realized it was the Sabbath. I had nothing for dinner, no wine, and no challah. Somehow, as in the way of weird dreams, I went to the store at the same time I attempted to set the table. It was a long table, given there were nearly twenty of us–his family of five, mine of 10, my mother, and a few extras that I knew but didn’t know.

It’s amazing how my tiny eat-in kitchen (in a house I never saw before) stretched as I set out the tables and chairs. Remember, I was at the same time shopping for supplies!

Upon my return from the store, I realized the tablecloths weren’t in place, there weren’t any napkins or utensils, no drinking glasses, and I needed to swap out real plates for the paper ones.

Then, to my horror, I saw that the candles were missing from the table. While I waited for my granddaughter to get them, I leaned over to my mother and whispered, “I forgot dessert.”

With the candles lit, I offered my cousin the kiddush cup to sanctify the meal. He tried to hand it back, but I said, “I know you don’t celebrate the Sabbath today, but if you could indulge me” and he did.

After reciting the blessing, he looked for the challah, but it wasn’t on the table. I panicked! How could I forget the challah? I thought I bought it.

I searched the kitchen and found it sitting inside an empty ice bucket still in the store’s plastic wrapping. I untwisted the tie, removed the bread from the bag, and wrapped it in a cloth napkin, handing it to my cousin.

He took it angrily, unwrapping it. I said, “I’m sorry. I expected we’d already be on the train for supper.”

Then I woke up.

Now, you’ve got to know except for Facebook, I haven’t seen my cousin since his wedding three children ago. So I knew, while this was a strange dream, it was one that needed my attention.

There are several lessons in this dream and I’m sharing it because it will speak to you as well:

  • Time is short. Stop floating along in life. Get back to being organized, productive, and prepared.
  • I am not ready for the eternal Sabbath. Get ready.
  • I am not doing what I need to do for God’s Kingdom and His call on my life. Start doing what He says to do.
  • I am not prepared for the trip He’s taking me on. All trips with God are glorious! Get prepared for the trip of a lifetime!
  • God will stretch what is needed when it is needed.
  • There are people I don’t know yet who need to learn what God taught me. The family of God needs to expand.

With the New Year in full swing, it’s time to return to Sabbath preparation–not just the weekly one, but the ultimate one.

The weekly Sabbath is of utmost importance.

Why? Because the Sabbath is the answer to the age-old prayer:

“Teach us to number our days.” -Psalm 90:12

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  1. Susan Woodall May 30, 2022 at 6:03 pm #

    Your writing is very meaningful to me and very much appreciated.
    Thank you so much for writing the truth. Please continue writing
    and sharing your thoughts that the Holy Spirit is giving you.

    Susan Woodall

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