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No One Ever Just Stops

New Year’s Day I went to the store for some groceries. I first stopped by Aldi’s. I was told about his store, but never shopped there. So on New Year’s Day I gave it a shot. It was closed. I headed to my Publix instead, where the parking lot was full and the lines at […]

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How to Enter God’s Rest

Living in south Florida (where we spend 6 months of the year watching the weather) we have to be in a constant state of preparedness. There are certain items we buy leading up to the month of June that stay in a special place in our homes. We need several days worth of water, food, […]

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Puzzling Over Fringes

On Friday, I was in line at the kosher deli in Winn Dixie. The gentlemen there have come to know me as I used to work as a vendor in the store and have shopped there for about 3 years. I’ve shared with them my trip to Israel, we’ve exchanged pleasantries, and they’ve helped me […]

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