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Why Do Jewish People Reject Jesus?

Have you ever wondered why Jewish people reject Jesus? Seriously, have you stopped to truly examine the situation? Would you be surprised to learn that it’s our fault? (And by ‘our’ I mean Gentile Believers.) Well it is. You see, Jewish people who reject Jesus as Messiah and say He is a false prophet are […]

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Rainy Day Musings

Sitting here on this rainy Sunday afternoon, I’ve been talking to the Lord about the state of the church. You see the more I learn about our Jewish roots, the more my heart breaks for those of us who call ourselves followers of Christ. I hear a lot of talk in churches about getting back […]

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Reaching out to the Jews

I know a lot of Christians who have a heart for the Jewish people.  They pray and long to see them come to know Jesus as Messiah.  Recently, with the direction of teaching the Lord has been taking me on, I often wonder two things: They know Jesus as Lord, but do they know him […]

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