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How to Enter God’s Rest

Living in south Florida (where we spend 6 months of the year watching the weather) we have to be in a constant state of preparedness. There are certain items we buy leading up to the month of June that stay in a special place in our homes. We need several days worth of water, food, […]

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Entering God’s Rest

The Sabbath is very important to God. He mentions it nearly a hundred times throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Yeshua said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father. I and the Father are one.” So, we must ask, if the Sabbath is important to the Father, is it not also important to the Son? Absolutely! […]

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Called Out of Fellowship?

Something interesting came up at this month’s Connections meeting. One of the guys mentioned that his friend was called away from fellowship for six months to learn directly from God on how to keep Shabbat. He asked, “What this right, or was this wrong?” Nearly everything we see in Torah – the entire Bible – […]

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We Are Overcomers

“There is not a righteous person on earth who does [only] good and does not sin” (Ecclesiastes 7:20) However, [the righteous] subdue their evil inclination a hundred times. If they have succumbed to a sin once, they do not repeat it, to prevent becoming loathsome in their own eyes; and [so] they repent. – Rabbi […]

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Urgent Times

This morning I read an article about David Wilkerson’s prophecy of the end times. The urgency presented in the article lines up with the urgency I have in my spirit about the time in which we are living. I know, you’re thinking that Yeshua’s followers have been preaching about the end since he left. Every […]

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Utter Failure Can’t Stop A Faithful God

Today is the first day of Elul. It is the start of thirty days of fasting, prayer, and repentance. It is a a season to reflect on the past; to look inward and make reparation in our relationship with God, and with each other. It is a time of preparing for the Day of Judgement (Yom […]

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