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The Day the Moon Fell 2

Well it happened again. I had a dream about the moon. I was with my family and at some point, TAK Connections (who, of course, is also my family). We were in a battle with evil forces (think Mission Impossible). We finally defeated the bad guys and made it home. We were celebrating our victory […]

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Does the Grace Gospel Keep Us In Sin?

These days, we hear a lot about grace. There is a gospel circulating within Christendom that says, ‘God is love, come as you are.’ While this is true, God is love and calls us to come as we are, He loves us to much to let us stay that way. You see, sin separates us […]

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Now I Get It!

The word of God is amazing! I know you’re thinking, “Duh!”, but a fresh revelation of God’s amazing word is necessary in our life to keep us from growing cold. This week I had just such a revelation. Over the last month I asked my fellow travelers (on this journey to Messiah) to complete a few studies […]

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Warning: After Redemption – Sin

Have you ever noticed that after we are redeemed, temptation comes in like a flood? Think about it. I used to smoke. I smoked over a pack of cigarettes a day. I made the decision to quit several times. It amazed me that as soon as I simply made the decision to quit, the hankering […]

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Marinate On This

Did you ever have God smack you upside the head with truth? It happens to me all the time. Today I was reading a short post by my friend Pete Rambo. One of his visitors insisted that we are not under the law, to which Pete responded with a quote from Isaiah 66. It is […]

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