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Looking at the Whole Picture

Did you ever read scripture and suddenly understand more than what you thought was there? I was reading Matthew 23 and it occurred to me that Yeshua was addressing something specific to his time. But we have distorted and lost its meaning, building whole theologies on a piece of the truth.  In Matthew 23:8-9, Yeshua […]

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Does God’s Choice Make You Mad?

I had a conversation the other day with a friend. He recently started delving into Messianic Judaism, but seems to have a problem with the Jewish people. I think a lot of us who are not Jewish, fall into that trap. Why? Because we want to be the apple of God’s eye, the only one that […]

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Are You Repelling the Presence of God?

Did you know that you are in control of whether or not you enter the presence God? Yes, you heard that right. You are in control. Now before you start ranting that I have lost my mind, or that I am a heretic, let’s examine the scriptures. In Isaiah 59 we read, “Adonai’s arm is […]

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Does God Care About You?

The burning question on everyone’s mind, at one time or another, is, “Does God care about me?” Seriously, how can we know that He does? Oh, we know He sacrificed His Son for the world, but how do you know that, if you were the only person on earth, that God would do that for you? […]

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