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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Today, I might get myself in trouble. Oh, not with the law, but with friends on both sides of the religious aisle. You see, today, I am going to step on some toes. However, I am hoping that you love me enough to hear what I have to say. Back in April, my daughter and […]

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Dreaming Toward Israel

Did you ever dream of going to Israel? Me too! For years I longed to go, thinking it would be an impossible dream. Then three years ago, my rabbi approached me about a tour that he was leading. Thanks to the generosity of many friends, I was able to take that tour. Last year he was […]

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Spilled Salt and a Cell Phone

Have you ever learned a deep truth from simple, everyday objects? I have. Just last week I had the good fortune to learn two very simple but profound lessons. The source of these lessons? Spilled salt, a cell phone, and my granddaughter, Angelina. It all started on Sabbath (Friday) evening. As we were enjoying our Shabbat dinner, […]

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