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What, Exactly, Did Jesus Do?

This morning I was thinking about the New Covenant. Because I’ve been involved for years in the Messianic movement, I wondering what the Christian understanding is of the New Covenant and its terms. So I went on a search. A covenant is a legally binding contract between two parties. Examples of covenants are husband and wife, business partners, […]

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If You Are Going to Call Yourself a Jew

This weekend our Connections group met. At these meetings, we have a discussion question submitted by our group. This month the question was “Is there a difference between Messianic Judaism and Christianity? If so, what is it?” Some said there wasn’t a difference, others said there was. I was very surprised to hear among the […]

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It’s Not About Atonement

Passover is not about atonement. I bet you are asking, “Really, Ro? Have you lost your mind?” Read on. My friend, Pete Rambo, was interviewed for an article in Breaking Israel News. The author reported on Christians celebrating Passover. Having just hosted a Seder for 54 guests, I was very interested in what this author […]

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