Archive | January, 2016

A Hired Hand and The Shepherd

Last Sunday there was a discussion about Yeshua’s parable of the Hired Hand. One of the group point out that in the Word there are examples of people who love as much as the Shepherd. But the main point of the parable was missed – and I believe it is a vital point. “I am […]

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The Same-Old-Story?

I started reading this morning and thought, “Oh, I know this story.”   Exodus 6:29-7:7Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) (iii) 29 he said, “I am Adonai. Tell Pharaoh, king of Egypt, everything I say to you.” 30 Moshe answered Adonai, “Look, I’m such a poor speaker that Pharaoh won’t listen to me.” 7 But Adonai said to Moshe, “I have put you in the […]

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