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What Does the Sabbath Teach Us?

A few weeks back a group of us discussed Leviticus 25 where God instructed the Israelites to take a Sabbatical year once every 7 years, then every 49 years to take a Jubilee year. We were all thinking how wonderful it would be to take one year off every seven years, then two years off […]

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Why Do We Go Through Hard Times?

Did you ever wonder why we have to go through such hard times? Sometimes we see no reason for it. Other times it all falls into place and we stand in awe of our God. This recently happened to me. Memorial Day weekend I attended a Christian gathering on the beach. It was something I […]

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It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

It’s been over five weeks since Passover. In fact, it’s been exactly forty days, which is five weeks and five days since Passover. “So what” you say? So, it ain’t over. Passover starts with the selecting the lamb and doesn’t end until Shavuot. You see, the time between Passover and Shavuot is a walk of […]

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Passover Celebration

This weekend was Pesach Sheni – Second Passover. It is the day God set aside for those who could not participate in the Passover celebration on the 14th of Nissan. I just love how our Father is the God of second chances. With as busy as life has been lately, I needed a second chance […]

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