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Fiddler on the Roof – Winds of Change

The other day 24 of us gathered at my house to watch Fiddler on the Roof. That was no small feat as I live in a rather small townhouse. But we all found seats and had a great time! The movie is one of my favorites. For my 10th birthday, my parents tried to get […]

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What Can We Learn From One Pharaoh, Let Alone Two?

I’ve noticed a lot of ‘2s’ lately as I read the Word. There was Abraham and Lot, Sarah and Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau, Jacob and Laban, Leah and Rachel, Joseph and his brothers. I seem to be drawing contrasts and comparisons, noticing good qualities and bad in an effort to learn and […]

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A Woman With the Faith of Abraham

There is a woman few people remember or even discuss. Yet she is an important person in the lineage of the Jewish people. Her name is Jochebed and she is Moses’ mother. There is so little said about her and her husband in the Word of God that the significance of what is said can […]

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Why Talk About Midwives?

This week I was wondering why the book of Exodus opens with a discussion of midwives. Since God never does or says anything by accident, it must have significance. During a Torah discussion, my rabbi pointed out that Israel was in the womb during her time in Egypt. The harsh treatment was birth pains saying, […]

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The Adulterer

This post expresses something I’ve thought about for years but could never quite put into words. It is certainly something to ponder. Well said, Ruth! Originally posted on Sojourning With Jews: I knew a woman who’d been married and divorced twice, but had no children. One day her boss dropped in to work with his […]

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Conversations Against Judaism

On New Year’s Eve a group of us gathered. We had a great time eating and talking, laughing and praising, dancing and playing games. About 2 a.m. the conversation that had been brewing for a while finally exploded into the focus of the New Year. Being the hostess, I couldn’t totally focus on this discussion […]

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