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Tales from Pete Rambo’s bus

There has been a conversation going on between several Messianic bloggers lately about whether or not Gentiles should follow God’s Torah. It’s a conversation as old as the Apostolic scriptures. My friend, Pete Rambo, had an experience this week that perfectly explains how those of us who want to follow God’s Torah look to our […]

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Why Do Jewish People Reject Jesus?

Have you ever wondered why Jewish people reject Jesus? Seriously, have you stopped to truly examine the situation? Would you be surprised to learn that it’s our fault? (And by ‘our’ I mean Gentile Believers.) Well it is. You see, Jewish people who reject Jesus as Messiah and say He is a false prophet are […]

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What Is the Gospel Message?

I recently read a blog trying to explain the Gospel message. In it, the author stated that the gospel message isn’t about us doing anything, but all about what Jesus did so we could go to heaven. But is that true? In the gospel of Matthew and Mark I hear Jesus saying, “Repent for the […]

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When Diversity Dishonors God

Last week I was involved in a conversation on Pete Rambo’s blog that brought up several interesting points from both sides of the table regarding One Law. For those not familiar, and in simplest terms possible (because I tend to be long winded), One Law is the belief that Torah is valid for Jew and […]

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