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God’s Definitive Punctuation Mark

Last night a group of us from several churches and synagogues gathered to celebrate Rosh Chodesh at my home. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, prayer, celebration, and Torah talk. The conversation extended into the wee hours of the morning and at times was quite…lively. Then this morning I caught up with email and […]

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Would We Look Different?

Last week I posed the question, “How different would we look if we actually participated in the appointed times?” I never did answer that question. So today I want to address that. First, let’s review what the appointed times are and why they exist. The appointed times are set times in the day, week, month […]

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Do We Snub God Every Day?

In Numbers 28 & 29 we learn about the priestly calendar. It lists all the mo’edim – the appointed times. These are times that God calls man to come meet with Him. How different would we look if we actually participated in these appointed times? Jesus did. His disciples did. Why don’t we? God invites […]

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Rainy Day Musings

Sitting here on this rainy Sunday afternoon, I’ve been talking to the Lord about the state of the church. You see the more I learn about our Jewish roots, the more my heart breaks for those of us who call ourselves followers of Christ. I hear a lot of talk in churches about getting back […]

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