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Is Everything Now Clean?

We typically hear that God did away with the laws of clean and unclean in Peter’s vision.  But is that true?  Is that really what He did?  Let’s go to Peter’s own explanation to find out. In Acts 11:4 Luke tells us, “Peter began explaining in detail what happened.”  Then in verse 9 Peter says, […]

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What’s Wine Got to do With It?

Here’s something that always puzzled me: why, at His last Seder, did Jesus say that He wouldn’t drink wine again?  (Matthew 26:26)  It always seemed significant.  After all, He did say it and it was important enough to be remembered and recorded.  But what it meant was beyond my grasp.  So I did what most […]

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New Moon, New View

Have you ever spent time just looking up at the stars?  When I homeschooled, we spent a season in astronomy.  Lying on a blanket in the yard and gazing up at the marvelous works of the Lord was truly amazing. Yet it’s strange how I never connected the beauty of His handiwork with times and […]

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Hear and Understand

Do we really understand what we hear?  When we listen to the words of Jesus, do we get the message? I was on Facebook today and Toby Janicki shared an article by Michael Hidalgocalled “4 Things that Jesus Never Said”.  Toby quoted a paragraph that points out how Jesus taught more on living in the […]

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