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Shabbat in the Land?

My first Sabbath in the land what not what I expected.  For the last year, I have changed my lifestyle to honor God on the Sabbath.  It’s been so sweet, keeping His Sabbath rest.  But yesterday, Shabbat was a whirlwind of activity – all delving into the land of Israel and the history of God’s […]

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Landing in the Land

This long awaited trip feels like it has yet to start.  We are in Tel Aviv and it reminds me of Hollywood Beach, Florida. Yet, there are many telling differences. The hotel we are staying at is kosher.  The elevators move up and down on their own.  And at one of the entrances to the […]

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Dreaming Toward Israel

This blog is called Journey to Messiah. I started it as a way to share what I’ve learned with my Gentile brethren about our Jewish Messiah.  There have been many times that I’ve wanted to write something, but it was more of an experience than lessons learned, so I opted not to write. Yet this […]

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