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Go Up to Zion

Anyone who’s worked with me in ministry knows that I don’t like asking for help.  That’s right; I am that stubborn, Italian, ‘I can do it all’ kind of person.  And God loves me too much to leave me that way!  Back in April, I attended Temple Aron HaKodesh’s School of Prayer.  There I learned […]

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Keeping the Sabbath God’s Way

I hear a lot of talk about taking a Sabbath rest and how important it is to rest one day a week.  While it is true that we must rest, there is a lot more to keeping the Sabbath than what we Gentiles understand.  Jesus did say in Mark 2:27, ‘man was not made for […]

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Reaching out to the Jews

I know a lot of Christians who have a heart for the Jewish people.  They pray and long to see them come to know Jesus as Messiah.  Recently, with the direction of teaching the Lord has been taking me on, I often wonder two things: They know Jesus as Lord, but do they know him […]

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Three Kinds of Cats in the World

I have three cats that I kept praying would all get along.  God basically said, “No.”  Now I understand why – there was a lesson to be learned in how they behave. Two of the cats – Nick and Milshean – are extremely faithful, loving kitties.  But they don’t get along with each other. Milshean […]

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What’s So Special About The Torah?

Do you know what makes the Word of God different from all other ancient writings?  And why it is important to understand this difference? I heard a teaching yesterday that intrigued me. It focused on the various ways the gospel of Matthew whispers of Jesus being a prophet like Moses, and how this would sound […]

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